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Test your knowledge on NUFC Jerseys. Let's see if Paul Dummett or Jacob Murphy can remember the history of Newcastle United.


Paul Dummett and Jacob Murphy join the Quiz Game with FUN88 to see who has more knowledge of Newcastle United's jerseys over the seasons.

During the 129th anniversary of Newcastle United Club, FUN88 – as the official jersey sponsor of the Club has launched a small Quiz Game for “The Magpies”. This is one of the activities in the strategic cooperation agreement between FUN88 and NUFC, creating many activities to connect players with fans around the world.

Some small suggestions for you:

- Jersey No. 1: In this season Newcastle has had a memorable 7-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur, and a 5-0 victory over Manchester United with Philippe Albert's brilliant strike.

- Jersey No. 2: In this season, Andy Carroll scored a hat trick in his first home game and won 6-0 over Aston Villa. Add to that a 5-1 win over Sunderland with Kevin Nolan's hat trick

- Jersey No. 3: This has been a pretty impressive season for NUFC as they won 3-0 over Chelsea in their last game of the season, and took 10th place in the Premier League. This is also the first season FUN88 becomes the official jersey sponsor for the team

- Jersey No. 4: The team has won a ticket to qualify for this season's UEFA Champion League

- Jersey No. 5: Newcastle United has finished this season with 13th place in the Premier League

- Jersey No. 6: The team's first season in the Premier League, and also this season Newcastle finished in 3rd place in the league.

Do you have your answers already? Let's watch the video Quiz Game to see if I answered correctly?

In this video, Paul Dummett and Jacob Murphy test their knowledge of the Newcastle United’s jerseys that have been worn through some of their impressive seasons.

The rules for playing this Quiz Game are given by FUN88 as follows:

- Each player will guess what season the jersey is shown on the board belongs to which season Newcastle has used it

- For each correct answer they will get 10 points

- There will be a few hints on the board. The player can use hints if he cannot answer, but each hint will be deducted 1 point.

- The player with the highest score will be the winner

Let's see if Paul Dummett and Jacob Murphy will win in this Quiz game?

Video: Dummett and Murphy in the challenge of memorizing the Newcastle United’s jersey

The first person to join the challenge was midfielder Jacob Murphy. The first jersey looks familiar as he initially assumed it was the club's 1995 home jersey, perhaps his memory is a bit off as the result is a 1996 – 1997 jersey. These seasons are perhaps the highest achievement that Newcastle United have ever achieved in the British professional league, when they once rose to second place in the Premier League under the era of coach Kevin Keegan. Jacob Murphy was unable to gain any points for this question.

The number 2 jersey was worn throughout the 2010/2011 season, with the most memorable match being a 6-0 triumph over Aston Villa at Saint James Park, in which Andy Carroll scored a hat trick. Also in this season, the “great” transfer deal of Andy Carroll worth 35 million pounds to Liverpool took place. Nevertheless, Murphy could not recall and he guessed the jersey belonged to season 2007/08, and of course, he also did not score any points in question number 2.

In the question about the third jersey, Murphy has a deep impression for this jersey, perhaps because this is also the first season he signed for Newcastle. This was the first season that FUN88 served as NUFC's official jersey sponsor, and the Magpies finished 10th in the Premier League after a 3-0 victory against Chelsea in the final match of the season. However, this English midfielder still has to use 3 suggestions to give the correct answer which is the 2017/2018 season. He got 7 points for the above answer.

In total, through 3 questions, Jacob Murphy only answered 1 question correctly by 3 suggestions, he received a score of 7.

The next person to take on the challenge of Guess The Jersey was Paul Dummett. The fourth jersey was used in the 2002/2003 season with the mark left when Newcastle won 3rd place in the Premier League, marking their return to the UEFA Champions League qualifying round. The club also became the only team ever to lose the first 3 matches in the group stage but won the remaining 3 matches to advance to the 2nd round. This season was also noted by striker Alan Shearer as he won the club's player of the year award, with a total of 17 goals scored throughout the season.

The fifth jersey is associated with the 2017-2018 season when Newcastle United returned to the Premier League after a season playing in the Championship.This season, coach Rafa Benitez and his players reassured the fans by finishing the season at number 13, ensuring their place in England's top division.

With the first two questions, the 1991 defender seems to be in a hurry to answer when he only uses 1 clue for each question. So he couldn't get any points for those 2 questions.

For the number 6 jersey, Dummet was more careful when using up to 5 suggestions. Newcastle's jersey was used in the first season in the Premier League 1993/1994 with the impressive record of Andy Cole - who has scored the most goals in a Premier League season with 41 goals. However, 5 suggestions did not help Paul Dummett give the correct answer when he guessed this was the 1991 jersey.

In total, through the above 3 questions, Paul Dummett did not win any points. And the winner is Jacob Murphy.

The above is one of the many fun activities jointly organized by both FUN88 and Newcastle United. Not only an official jersey sponsor, FUN88 - is a leading provider of online games and sports betting in Asia, with the desire to further connect the club with fans around the world. With years of experience in the entertainment and media industries, FUN88's support brings huge benefits to Newcastle United fans.

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