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Terosoft launches HamHam Survival, the newest shooting NFT game and ready for e-sports competition


Terosoft Capital Group Company Limited announced the launch of the first product officially HamHam Survival, a top-down 2D Shooting Survival NFT game that allows players to explore the hamster world in various modes with a touch of MMORPG, hoping to attract to both casual and NFT gamers alike by adjusting the strength of the hamsters or finding items to sell, earn in-game money. The competition of HamHam Survival e-sports is ready to launch and compete in the finals at the Thailand Game Show 2022.

"Ajarn Apichai" intends to push it into an e-sports game that is easy to play and earn.

Ajarn Apichai Ruangsiri Piyakul Chief Executive Officer of Terosoft Capital Group Co., Ltd. revealed the origin of this game creation HamHam Survival that “HamHam Survival was developed with a 2D shooting survival style with a unique character presentation. "HamHam," a cheeky-faced hamster, pairs with "Robocraft," a friendly, intelligent robot. Players can collect items to develop their own characters in PVE mode, driven by trading between players and themselves, creating a circular ecosystem, balancing the price and quantity of items under the concept "Make money from playing games" in a concrete way.

In addition, all players can acquire NFT characters to compete in a PVP mode, where the winners of the tournament can earn even more money. With the aim of getting more people interested in technology to build sustainable progress in the future. The game is based on IVAR Chain, IVAREX's block chain that uses IVAR Coin as a token in the system.

As affiliated companies perform different functions but support each other in the same ecosystem, the business behind IVAR Chain is blockchain-powered driven such as gamers and entertainment events such as the NFT Community, therefore, hope that the creation of HamHam Survival will be an important start for Game NFT to connect with various systems which the company has put in place completely.

Finally, the e-sports competition will be launched to encourage more competitive and sustainable games in the future. Promoting the organization of the HamHam Survival e-sports competition with prize money will make participants actively have goals in playing including further development to become a goal life in the future. The prize money for the winners of the competition will come from the spending pool where all players spent to HamHam Survival game.


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