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Spin The Wheel Challenge with FUN88: Harry Winks vs Matt Doherty

In a challenge launched by FUN88, two Tottenham players, Harry Winks and Matt Doherty, will compete to see who will win.

Have you ever wondered, apart from playing time on the field, what other activities will our players participate in?

Since FUN88 and Tottenham officially continued their strategic cooperation in Asia and Latin America, both parties have continuously increased fun and engaging activities between players and their fans. This is part of FUN88's efforts when it comes to bringing football stars closer to fans.

FUN88 with its background as one of the leading entertainment companies in online games and sports services. Since extending its contract with Spurs in October 2021, FUN88 has been planning to increase its reach outside its billions of fans in Asia, the company's main market, since signing with Tottenham Hotspur.

The Wheel Challenge is one of many videos that the two companies have collaborated on. You can watch more videos at Tottenham Hotspur official Facebook Page or FUN88.

Video: Harry Winks vs Matt Doherty participates in the wheel challenge with FUN88

In this spin challenge, FUN88 created a wheel that contains various challenges written on it. Center-back Harry Winks and Defender Matt Doherty will be the participants of this challenge. 

The rules of the game: Each player will make 3 spins, each challenge corresponds to 1 point. Player gets more points will be the winner. Could the Spurs players easily overcome these challenges? Let's watch the video!

The first to enter the Spin Challenge was Midfielder Harry Winks. He expressed his excitement when participating in the challenge that FUN88 offered. The first two challenges Harry received included: Juggling the mini ball 10 times with his feet, juggling a tennis ball 5 times with his feet. There were not many difficulties in these two tasks for Harry.

Slightly increased difficulty in the 3rd challenge, when he returned to the Juggle ball 5 times with his knee. Although he had to move a bit more, Harry Winks was still able to complete this mission and get 3 points. 

Matt Doherty is the next to take up the challenge of FUN88. In the first challenge, Catching the ball with the back of the neck, Matt missed just as the ball bounced and hit the player's head. 2nd challenge: Spin the ball on his finger for 5s, he also didn't get a point when the ball quickly slipped out of his hand and fell out. 

In the final challenge, juggling the normal ball is easier with this number 2 defender. After 3 challenges, Matt can only get 1 point.

Of course, the winner of this time FUN88's spin challenge is Harry Winks.

This challenge is a part of FUN88’s plan to increase the interaction between fans and players of Spurs. Since 2012, FUN88 has been very active in the field of marketing and sports betting, being the cult brand of this market in Asia. During more than 10 years of being an important partner of the Tottenham Hotspur club, FUN88 has received tens of millions of fans of the team on a global scale. In addition, the FUN88 brand is also the official jersey sponsor for Newcastle United. In previous years, FUN88 used to be also a strategic sponsor for OG Dota 2 Team, and has appeared as a sponsor at a number of other international tournaments such as GTA racing tournament, MMA tournament…

After years of operation, FUN88 did not stop in Asia. Sponsorship and collaboration with Premier League clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur FC, Newcastle United FC and Burnley FC previously have made FUN88 known infertile markets such as Europe and America.

In addition to football, FUN88 also tries to tie its name to the GT Asia Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup, and MMA general tournament,and partners with major ONE Championship media companies previously. Two players, Robbie Fowler, the Liverpool legend, and Steve Nash – the basketball player who won two MVP titles in the NBA of the USA – are the brand ambassadors of FUN88 previously.

In Vietnam, FUN88 was no stranger to sports enthusiasts.FUN88's service supports multilingualism and doesn't just stop in the Asian market and expand to the world.The partnership between them has resulted in a series of activations to engage with fans, including exclusive contests and prize giveaways. To check out all SpursxFUN88 campaigns in Asia.


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