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"Kota will be injured for sure!" Japanese comments about "Kota" who will face "Buakaow" in the Rajadamnern Muay Thai boxing


It is become a boxing match that the Japanese are very interested in when "King Junior" Kota Miura, a young and handsome Japanese boxer, has a program to fight with Muay Thai "Dam Dotcom" Buakaow Banchamek, a Thai fans favorite boxer in the Rajadamnern World Series. (RWS) on Friday, August 19.

The real son of "King Kazu" Kazuyoshi Miura, the legendary striker of the Japanese national team is very new to the fighting industry with a record of just one fight, while the 40-year-old Thai fist has been fighting 288 fights, winning 254 (78 knockouts), 22 defeats and 12 draws.

Comments from Japanese boxing fans about the upcoming fight

“The only thing I wonder is how much complete Buakaow will be with this fight.”

“He has less experience. No matter how this fight comes out, just ask Buakaow not to use Muay Thai power kicking him until his arm is broken. I hope so.”

“It will be incredible if Kota is able to beat Buakaow by knockout.”

“I can say if Buakaow is serious, the battle will be ended in just 30 seconds.”

“Kota Miura got the coronavirus at the end of last month, seriously, he shouldn't have responded to this fight. It is too dangerous for him to face Buakaow and it is not good timing to leave the country.”

“I want Buakaow to be serious about this fight. Please teach Kota the real martial arts.”

“Now Buakaow is 40 years old, his physical condition is not the same as when he won the K-1 Championship, but I would like to ask if you guys will enjoy beating the old boxer and far from the top in the industry?”

“I believe that Kota Miura has no choice in the ring unless Buakaow will only demonstrate the show. If Buakaow is serious, his path in the ring would have ended with this fight.”

"It's too dangerous to go on stage against Buakaow who is so strong. Kota will die for sure."

“It's just a special fight that doesn't focus on results. If Buakaow is serious, he will definitely be messed up. Don’t mention about destroy himself in front of the media all over the world.”


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"Kota will be injured for sure!" Japanese comments about "Kota" who will face "Buakaow" in the Rajadamnern Muay Thai boxing

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