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"Avatar" joins hands with "Tai" go through the second match of the Fairtex Fight Road to ONE Thailand boxing


The main event is a 70.3 kg Muay Thai tournament between “Avatar T. Mo Sri” hit the mouth “Wanchalerm rests the PK.” In the first round, Avatar could use all his weapon more slowly but rushed to kick, punch, alternating elbow teeth, clearly hit the target in the remaining two rounds, sending Avatar to receive a hand raised.

While the second pair, “Tai Sor Jor. Piak Uthai”, stabbed “Phet Petchyindee Academy”, met in the 61.2 kg model. It is the side that trap kicks, traps, stabs, seems to be drifting into the sign, but Tai shows a great punch, knocks out Heritage Petch in the 1.01 minute of the 2nd round.

Another pair in the 70.3 kg model, “Huang Fei Hong (China)” brews a punch with “Kaen Norasingh, DNA Thailand”. The Chinese boxer’s arming was noticeably slower. Therefore, the party was hit in full. Complete, Thai fighters win Sai As for the other pair in the 61.2 kg model, “Thew Fairtex” seks Monchon “Sornrak Sit, Prachuap Khiri Khan” (Myanmar), the picture of the first round of the match, but the second round, Hiderak, accurate left punch knocked out Thew in a minute. at 1.33 of the 2nd round.

As for the two pairs of women’s boxing in the 52.2 kg version, “Nong Am Fairtex” slapped “Lommanee The Legend Arena” to be counted first. Then Nong Am tried to withdraw the points, but failed to make Lommanee enter the next round. Beautifully, on the side of “Celes Phuket Sing Muay Thai” (Australia) came strong, knocking out Thai women “Petchsinin Sor. Phuangthong” until they were counted twice before winning by knockout in the second round.

Summary of Fairtex Fight Road to ONE Muay Man Phan Extreme

Avatar T. Mosri wins by points Wanchalerm Park Yok PK. (70.3 kg.)

Second match: Tai Sor Jor. Piak Uthai won by knockout 2 Rauksa Petch Yindee Academy (61.2 kg.)

Huang Fei Hong (China) lost by score to Kaennorasingh DNA Thailand (70.3 kg)

Nong Am Fairtex lost by points Lomanee The Legend Arena (52.2 kg.)

Thew Fairtex defeated by knockout 2 Sornrak Sit, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province (Myanmar) (61.2 kg.)

Celes Phuket Sing Muay Thai (Australia) Win by knock out round 2 Petchsinin Sor Phuangthong (52.2 kg.)

What will be the next round of competition? It depends on the pairing of the judges in the program.


"Avatar" joins hands with "Tai" go through the second match of the Fairtex Fight Road to ONE Thailand boxing


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